5 Players Who Would Have Made Horrible San Antonio Spurs

Dwight Howard
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San Antonio Spurs
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2. Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond is the worst player on this list. At the age of 28, he is barely hanging on to his NBA career as a 76er, but for five seasons in Detroit, he was arguably a top center in the league. A two-time All-Star, All-NBA player and four-time rebounding leader would seem to be a welcome addition to the Spurs in 2014-18 as the Duncan-led core waned, but this is not the case. 

I don’t usually like to deal in definitives, but here goes: Andre Drummond is the most inefficient player the NBA has ever seen.

It might not be his fault. He played for Stan Van Gundy, who, similarly to his time with Dwight Howard in Orlando, allowed Andre Drummond to play however he wanted, at the detriment of the team. This is not the Spurs’ way. 

Steve Hinson wrote a phenomenal explanation of what happened to Drummond’s career, and it also serves as supplemental reading as to why Drummond would have sucked as a Spur. 

As a Stan Van Gundy protegé, Drummond was allowed to do whatever he wanted to do. And Drummond wanted to score from the post.

Most centers should be able to do that, but Andre Drummond averaged 0.7 points per possession every time he posted up. In layman’s terms, that’s impressively awful. Since 2019, when Drummond started to take 3-point shots, he shot 12% on 81 attempts. That’s also terrible. 

On paper, Drummond could have been exactly like Jakob Poeltl but even better at rebounding. Except Drummond wanted to be a scorer. When he shot a normal amount per game, he was a 60% shooter. When he decided seemingly overnight he would be the first option on a woeful Detroit offense, he suddenly dropped to a 50% shooter.

At one point, Andre Drummond was a very good supporting player, but then he decided he needed to be “the guy.” As soon as he decided he could run an offense, NBA fans decided he was a joke. And they were right. 

He was never really an inspiration on defense and demanded his subpar play get him recognition. He would not have been a good Spur. Hinson suggests he could make a comeback and become a JaVale McGee player, who is largely respected as a winning veteran.

McGee also started off as a joke, even a laughingstock. Drummond could grow up, but as of 2022, it’s a good thing he never played for the Spurs.