5 NBA Trade Deadline Storylines Spurs Should Be Interested In

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4. Will a Ben Simmons trade shake up the league?

There hasn't been a more talked about trade target all season than disgruntled Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons, who has still yet to take the floor for the team as both sides continue to hold each other hostage. We're certainly guilty of fueling the fire ourselves (but hey, it's part of our job to report and give our thoughts on rumors).

I won't be doing that here though. After all, it's becoming increasingly clear that Sixers' GM Daryl Morey isn't backing down from his asking price of a trove of assets plus a star-level player in return. The Spurs haven't been mentioned in any recent rumors as an option, so that talk is dead, as far as I'm concerned.

Still, if the Sixers finally give in, the dealing of Simmons could start a domino effect throughout the league, as there are still reportedly several interested parties that could start jumping to plan B.

Marks suggests the 76ers might not make it past the first round of the NBA Playoffs with their currently constructed roster. Could that be enough to finally push Morey to settle for something less?