5 NBA Trade Deadline Storylines Spurs Should Be Interested In

Christian Wood
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2. What will the Houston Rockets do with Christian Wood?

What the Rockets decide to do with Christian Wood affects the Spurs in multiple ways. First off, he's the best player on a division opponent that has had some monster performances against them (28 and 10, 27 and 15). Secondly, he perfectly fits a need for San Antonio as a mobile power forward who can space the floor.

Even with his recent off-court issues that had him suspended for a game, the talent Wood has would be worth the risk given what he could offer San Antonio.

The Rockets trading Wood to the Spurs is probably closer to a pipe dream than a reality (as one fan's multi-team trade suggestion proved), but there's still a possibility he's traded somewhere else by the deadline. In the above article, Marks suggests Houston trade him to the Knicks for Mitchell Robinson, Kemba Walker, and two first-round picks.

Not having to see Wood four times a year would already be a win for San Antonio, but if he's not happy where he is by the time his contract is up after next season, the Spurs should definitely have their eyes on him.

According to Marks, Christian Wood can sign an extension with Houston this offseason worth up to $77 million over four years.