5 NBA Draft Prospects Who Gobble Up Rebounds in Their Sleep

Tari Eason - Tennessee v LSU
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San Antonio Spurs
Ibou Dianko Badji - CSKA Moscow v Barcelona / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

3. Ibou Dianko Badji - Forca Lleida CE, FC Barcelona

I am still 100% on the Ibou Badji hype train and I don't see myself leaving it any time soon. Badji is a player that I had eyes on well before the 2021 NBA Draft and is someone that I hope to see a team take a flyer on in this year's draft. This past year, he ultimately pulled his name from consideration to continue playing in Europe.

Standing at 7'1" with an absurd 7'8" wingspan, Badji has one of the most interesting combinations of size and athleticism I have ever seen. His measurements have garnered him some comparisons to Rudy Gobert and even Tacko Fall on occasion, but the level of talent he possesses for his age may surpass both of them.

Badji would undeniably be a swing for the fences if the Spurs were to take a chance on him, but if they're able to snag him with a second-round pick, I think he would come at a fantastic value. If his development continues to plateau as it has during his time in Spain, the second-round pick could ultimately be a bit of a waste, but I'd rather take a chance on him at that price now rather than see him rise into first-round consideration a year or two down the line.

If he taps his ceiling, he could be dominant in the league as a shot-blocker, rebounder, and perhaps even stretch the floor a bit if his shot comes along.