5 NBA Draft Prospects Who Gobble Up Rebounds in Their Sleep

Tari Eason - Tennessee v LSU
Tari Eason - Tennessee v LSU / Sean Gardner/GettyImages
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Tari Eason - Tennessee v LSU / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

2. Tari Eason - LSU

Tari Eason is a name I've heard floating around more and more first-round conversations as the season has gone on, and after watching a bit more of him, I understand why. Eason is a bit unsuspecting given that he comes off the bench for LSU, but his outstanding defense alone is good enough reason to propel him into the first round.

Along with Alex Fudge, he and a few others are responsible for making LSU one of the most dynamic and stifling defensive teams in the entire NCAA. In just over 24 minutes per game, the 20-year-old sophomore is averaging 15.9 points, 7 rebounds, and 2.7 stocks per game and is continuing to improve as time goes on.

He certainly isn't quite as efficient of a rebounder compared to Trevion Williams, but Eason's potential is what gives him the clear edge. He will ideally be a switchable defender in the NBA that can guard four positions (and possibly even pester a few centers), and he's fantastic at turning his defense into transition offense.

If his shooting and his general half-court offense continue to improve as the season goes on, I think NBA teams could begin to view him as a slightly younger, less-polished version of a player like Herb Jones. If for some reason the Spurs find themselves wanting to trade down in the upcoming draft, he could be a name to look out for.