The 5 most unbreakable records in Spurs franchise history

Eduardo Shabot
San Antonio Spurs v Washington Bullets
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Robinson and Duncan high-five
Robinson and Duncan high-five / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

5. The Spurs are the kings of the quadruple-double

Nate Thurmond was the first NBA player to secure a quadruple-double, but in 1986, Alvin Roberson became the first Spur to pull off that statistical anomaly. He also did so in less time than anyone ever, with 20 points, 11 rebounds, ten assists, and ten steals in 36 minutes (the first one to do it with no overtime).

Eight years later, David Robinson would join this exclusive company after netting 34 points, ten rebounds, ten assists, and ten blocks against the Pistons. With this once-in-a-lifetime performance, the Spurs took hold of 50% of all quadruple-doubles in league history.

But there is one player the league robbed of a quadruple-double on the brightest stage in hoops, the NBA Finals. His name? Tim Duncan. Duncan had 21 points, ten assists, 20 rebounds, and...eight blocks? In what might go down as one of the most controversial instances of scorekeeping, the official statistician missed two Timmy blocks, leaving the eventual Finals MVP just short of the first postseason quadruple-double ever witnessed.

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