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5 Free Agent Bigs the Spurs Should Monitor Early

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5. Deandre Ayton, Phoenix Suns

Undoubtedly the grand prize center on the market for the Spurs would be Phoenix Suns standout Deandre Ayton. The fourth-year center is averaging 16.3 points and 11.1 rebounds per game on 61.4% shooting and is a major reason for the Suns' 21-4 start to the season.

From size and rebounding to being a lob threat and playing great defense, Ayton would bring a little bit of everything to San Antonio and give them a consistent double-double and potential perennial All-Star immediately.

While we proposed some trades to acquire the 6-11 Ayton when he appeared unhappy in not receiving a contract extension, that seems unlikely right now. Deandre has something to prove this season and the Suns are winning as a result.

Our colleagues at Valley of The Suns argued the Suns might not have extended Ayton due to his strictly inside game in an era where small ball and 3-point shooting are flourishing. While that might be true, he's just too talented not to match this summer, and it would be a total shock if Phoenix didn't retain him.

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With all that said, we should all be rooting for Phoenix to crash and burn this season if there's any chance Ayton would get frustrated enough to leave. It might be a pipe dream, but it's still a situation to monitor.