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5 Free Agent Bigs the Spurs Should Monitor Early

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4. Jusuf Nurkic, Portland Trail Blazers

Another dark horse option for the Spurs this summer could be Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic. I'll say this right off the bat though -- he shouldn't be near the top of the list. Nurkic's interior defense is a legitimate problem and can be downright laughable at times.

What Nurkic does bring to the table, however, is a scoring threat and consistent rebounding. Averaging 11.9 points and 8.3 rebounds per game throughout his career, the 6-11 center's size would help San Antonio avoid what happened to them against the Knicks recently when they allowed a ridiculous 17 offensive rebounds for 21 second-chance points.

Nurkic briefly showed he can stroke the three when he made 12 of 30 (40%) in 2020-21, but he's made just 5 of his 21 attempts this season, so that would be one area he'd need to work on beyond his interior defense.

Since Nurkic takes the Spurs back a step defensively and will be 28 next season, he shouldn't be a priority. But he could be a nice backup upgrade if the price is right.