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Exploring 4 Spurs trade options to compile war chest of picks

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The Spurs could continue stockpiling valuable picks

In this trade, the 2027 pick from the Lakers would also have top 10 protections for 2028 before turning into a second in 2029. As for the 2029 first, it would be a one-time asset that would either convey or expire that year. That would protect the Lakers to a certain extent if they're bad while still giving the Spurs enough reason to swap two valuable veterans for Westbrook.

Westbrook, to be clear, wouldn't join the Silver and Black. Instead, they could waive him or buy him out. The deal would continue to strip the team down and position them for a top-three pick in next year's draft. Though, the Spurs might want to keep Westbrook if they’re truly serious about tanking.

For the Lakers, they’d save $15.5 million next season and pick up two key rotation players that could help them return to the playoffs. It would cost them, but that might be a tradeoff they’re willing to make after dramatically underachieving last season.

If a deal like this doesn't happen, there are still several ways the Spurs can flip their current roster for more picks to help the rebuild down the road. Next, let's jump into possible deals with teams like Toronto and Charlotte.