4 Hidden Gems Spurs Can Find From Smaller Schools

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ASUN, Liberty University: Darius McGhee

Liberty University did not win their conference. Liberty University did not even make the ASUN championship game. Bellarmine beat Jackson University in the conference championship, but since Bellarmine has not transitioned fully to be a Division I program, Jackson will go dancing instead of them. Jackson and Bellarmine do not have NBA talent on their roster, plain and simple.

Liberty is the only school that has a player who might make the NBA in any capacity, and that’s a two-time winner of the ASUN player of the year award, Darius McGhee. He averages 25 points a game and 4.5 rebounds. His perimeter defense is also serviceable. He’s a crafty ball handler and has the green light to get the ball in the bucket however he wants.

The main criticism of him is that he doesn’t create well for others and is a very ball-dominant guard. This poses the same issue Lucas Williamson has. The Spurs don’t need guards, especially not one who’s 5-9. I simply don’t see the next Isaiah Thomas emerging from this draft class, but he might be the closest guy to being one.