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3 Worst-case scenarios Spurs hope to avoid in 2022-23

Jakob Poeltl, Dwight Powell
Jakob Poeltl, Dwight Powell / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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2. The roster remains stagnant

Josh Richardson, Doug McDermott, and even Jakob Poeltl will not help the Spurs much moving forward. I know there isn’t much of a trade market for them, but letting them play and establish some value early on is the only move that makes sense. Halfway through the season, fans should hope to see all three of them flipped for young talent or picks.

If February rolls around and all three of them are getting significant minutes over young guys like Sochan, Primo, and Westley, fans should start to panic. Why would the Spurs ignore the experience and development of the future of the franchise? I very much believe that Sochan, the ninth pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, should be a starter by the second month of the season. Why use such a high pick on a player who needs development on the bench or in the G League?

If the Spurs are unable to move any of their veterans this season, it means that when the 2023-24 season starts, the Spurs will not really have moved forward. Sure, they will have an added lottery pick, but with a crowded roster and little direction moving forward, the Spurs will be destined to follow the footsteps of the post-Dwight Howard Magic and the Stan Van Gundy era Pistons: middling in mediocrity for the better part of a decade.