3 West Playoff Teams the Spurs Will Surpass Next Season

San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers
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San Antonio Spurs
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2. Los Angeles Lakers

Oh boy. Saying the Los Angeles Lakers have underperformed relative to their expectations this season is a big understatement. After winning the title two seasons ago and now with three NBA All-Stars, the Lakers were expected to win 55+ games. Instead, they're fighting to remain at .500 and could see themselves in the play-in tournament.

Still, they are well ahead of the Spurs in the standings but that could change next season. After all, there's a bunch of red flags including LeBron James turning 38, Anthony Davis being made of glass, and Russell Westbrook's declining athleticism and efficiency. If that weren't enough, they also traded away most of their picks to build their flawed roster, which is also the oldest roster in the NBA.

Moreover, L.A. will need to upgrade its aging supporting cast to remain relevant but will have luxury tax issues to contend with. All of that works against Los Angeles next season, especially with the Western Conference likely being much more competitive.

For instance; Golden State, Denver, and the Clippers, will have Klay Thompson, Jamal Murray, and Kawhi Leonard, respectively, back for a full season while Memphis is rapidly improving.

For the Spurs, Dejounte Murray, Keldon Johnson, and Devin Vassell should all be better, hopefully helping the team rocket past L.A. next season.