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3 Ways Spurs taking Sochan could affect Dougie McBuckets

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3. Doug McDermott Could Split Minutes

I am very determined to see Sochan start, but with his offensive limitations and poor shooting, his defense will only get him so far in his rookie season. If the Spurs get behind, adding McDermott back into the lineup could help boost the offense and add firepower back in. This is my ideal situation for Sochan’s first season.

Sochan would play the majority of the first half and only sit when the Spurs need points. In the third, Sochan would keep playing, but then McDermott would close the game out to keep San Antonio close, come back, or knock down some threes to put the nail in the coffin. During the season, Sochan would work on his offense so he wouldn’t need to share minutes for long. 

Keep in mind, that this is different from how the Spurs have conducted themselves in the past. Their last seven first-round picks have spent time in their rookie season in the G League. Sochan may not be any different, but I hope he is.

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With McDermott behind him, there’s no reason he couldn’t be thrown into the fire. The Austin Spurs aren’t going anywhere, so if he needs to end the season there, that would be fine, but it’s time for the Spurs to build their future lineup and not rely on 30-year-old role players.