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3 Ways Spurs taking Sochan could affect Dougie McBuckets

Doug McDermott
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With the ninth pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs selected defensive standout power forward Jeremy Sochan from Baylor. At only 19, he seems to be NBA-ready. With a raw game but high defensive upside and promise to be an above-average scorer, Sochan will present opposing offenses and defenses with a headache from day one, as he surely will be in the starting lineup early on. 

Sochan is arguably the only real power forward on the Spurs’ roster, as all of their other picks are more adept at the center position. This gap in the roster resulted in Doug McDermott starting a whopping 51 games in 2021-22, more than the rest of his career combined. 

McDermott was never really a permanent solution to start at power forward, but he is making more than 13 million dollars until 2024 and the Spurs are on the hook to pay him. It would make no sense to shove him to the end of the bench and there isn’t a huge demand for him on the trade market, so what can the Spurs do with their veteran sharpshooter? 

Let's start with the less ideal option.