3 Ways the Spurs Could Use Their Cap Space This Summer

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2. The Spurs should use cap space to help make trades

Making trades can be difficult, especially for teams over the cap given all of the constraints. That’s why teams with cap space are often used to facilitate trades, and they can really clean up. San Antonio will be in a position to do just that by making themselves available to help one team trade with another.

With limited free agency options and holes to fill, the best use of the Spurs' cap space could be to rent it out to other teams. San Antonio did just that last free agency by taking Chandler Hutchison and his $4.7 million contract in a five-team deal. That netted them the Pistons' 2022 2nd round pick, which they later paired with Thaddeus Young to acquire Toronto's 2022 1st round pick.

With even more cap space this summer, expect more wheeling and dealing from the Spurs. For instance, the Spurs have a couple of veteran players that could attract significant interest in the offseason. They can shop players like Josh Richardson and Doug McDermott to contenders and use their space to take back longer-term salaries or help absorb bad contracts.

San Antonio wouldn't do this out of the goodness of their hearts, of course, and they could command a 1st round pick in return for each player.

In fact, they may even receive another player of value in return for McDermott or Richardson. They could later trade that player for more assets as they did with Young. On the other hand, San Antonio could just absorb bad contracts without having to give up a player in exchange for future picks. Or the Spurs could do both this offseason and add to their growing stockpile of assets, which will help the team during their rebuild.