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3 Things to expect from Devin Vassell as a main option

Devin Vassell
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3. Expect the NBA to start taking notice

It's hard to see the Spurs getting enough wins and attention to warrant an All-Star selection next season, but I could definitely see Vassell's name being thrown into the Most Improved Player conversation by mid-season if he plays up to his potential.

Devin doubled his points and assist numbers from year one to two, and with the green light he should be getting from Coach Popovich, I could see him jumping from 12.3 to around 17 or 18 points per game. If he adds increased rebounding and assist numbers to that while continuing to play good defense, he has a real shot to make a name for himself among his peers and NBA audiences.

The great thing about Vassell is there are so many ways in which he can impact a game. Sure, increased production will be critical, but he can also make a difference defensively when he's having an off night.

Whether it's by improving as a passer, upping his 3-point percentage a bit, re-emphasizing his one-on-one defense, or all of the above, Vassell could be a serious player next season for the Spurs.

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The odds are at least one or two of those things are going to happen given his work ethic.