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3 Things to expect from Devin Vassell as a main option

Devin Vassell
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2. Expect career-highs across the board

As I just mentioned, I think Vassell's assist numbers should see a significant increase this season. This isn't to say he'll be one of the team's lead ball-handlers. In fact, he'll probably be far from it because he still needs work in that department. But he'll certainly have the ball in his hands more often than he ever has, and he still has plenty of shooters of which to feed passes.

We've yet to really see if Devin has a drive and kick game. So far, he mostly drives inside to attempt a layup or pulls off some fancy footwork for a calm mid-range jumper. Fortunately, he's been effective with both of those moves, but the next big step in his development will be the ability to find others on drives when defenses collapse.

Keldon Johnson used to only have one mode when driving: either barrel in and take a tough shot or turn the ball over. Last season, he showed improvement in that regard, and Vassell will need to do the same.

While I would still pick Keldon to be the Spurs' leading scorer next season, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see Vassell in the running once he gets into his groove. He has three-way scoring ability, and this is the season he needs to show that on a broader scale.