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3 Summer League Spurs that should get real minutes in San Antonio

Blake Wesley
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2. Dominick Barlow

There's a reason the Spurs wasted little time picking up Dominick Barlow after he went undrafted last month. With a 6-9 frame boosted by a 7-3 wingspan, he'd fit several needs for San Antonio if he pans out. He's athletic, strong, and has the length and mobility to be able to defend multiple positions.

The development of Barlow's game actually might be one of the most important aspects of the upcoming season for San Antonio. That may sound bleak, but we need to remember that the Spurs are fully rebuilding now. The most likely path toward being contenders again is by developing talent currently on the roster and finding stars in the future using their wealth of draft picks.

With the Deandre Ayton pipe dream now put to bed, the Spurs' biggest hope of a future big man superstar is currently playing in France. But they'll need some transition pieces before moving on to next summer, and Barlow has the makeup of someone who could surprise a lot of people.

While I'm still not expecting Jakob Poeltl to be traded, Barlow's value to the team could skyrocket if that actually does happen, especially with Jock Landale now departed and Zach Collins as the only backup center. Despite some expected hiccups, Dominick has some impressive moments in Las Vegas, and he deserves a shot in San Antonio, especially in a season in which wins won't matter.