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3 Spurs who will not finish the season in San Antonio

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Jakob Poeltl, Alperen Sengun
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Jakob Poeltl

At the time of writing, Jakob Poeltl is the best player on the Spurs. He is easily a top ten center in the league, one of the best rim protectors, and has elevated his offensive game to be a true double-double threat on a nightly basis with good defense to help out. Sure, Johnson, Primo, and Vassell have a lot more potential, but based on pure talent and value right now, Poeltl takes the cake. 

In the NBA, I’d say the best level of centers includes MVP candidates like Embiid and Jokic. After that, though, Poeltl leads the way. He and Gobert are arguably the best defenders in the league, and Poeltl is a perfectly adequate scoring option who elevates the offense, despite his total lack of floor spacing.

Poeltl is the only Spur on the trade block who is straight-up worth an unprotected first-round pick. Contenders like the Warriors, Clippers, and maybe Mavericks could use a player like him, and fanbases like the Knicks have deluded themselves into thinking they are just a piece away. Poeltl could be that piece. 

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I fully expect Poeltl to be the best player on the Spurs through February, and his offense could take a big step up, as well. If all goes to plan, he could net the Spurs yet another draft pick with minimal protections, which would be the best move possible for both player and franchise.