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3 Spurs who will not finish the season in San Antonio

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LaMelo Ball, Doug McDermott
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Doug McDermott

Doug McDermott is owed over $13 million next year and the year after, making him the 55th highest player in the NBA. Is McDermott even a top-100 player, or has he been at any point in his career? No, he has not. The money makes it very hard for the Spurs to trade him away, but let’s imagine a nightmare situation.

Say that Evan Fournier, Tyler Herro, Grayson Allen, Mikal Bridges, or Austin Reeves get hurt down the stretch of the season. They all play for real contenders and have a valuable role off the bench and in the starting lineup as wing defenders and sharpshooters.

McDermott is by no means a stellar defender at any position, but he is consistently a 40% shooter from deep who can get a bucket in crunch time. Now, he is one of the best veteran presences to lead a young team, and that’s hard to replace, but if a desperate team offers real assets, how is San Antonio supposed to pass that up?

I think McDermott’s defensive liabilities give him the same value as Richardson, even if he is a better offensive player. The money he is owed might make a deal harder to strike, but if the Spurs are willing to take back a bad contract, they could net a draft pick for him.