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3 Spurs who will not finish the season in San Antonio

San Antonio Spurs v Houston Rockets
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The San Antonio Spurs are in full rebuild mode, which usually means shipping off veterans for young talent or unproven draft picks. It’s a gambling strategy, but it makes a lot more sense than clinging to largely unproductive players in inappropriate roles for their talents.

The Spurs made several moves indicating a full rebuild last season, starting with trading away DeMar DeRozan. Derrick White and Dejounte Murray soon followed, leaving a core of Keldon Johnson, Devin Vassell, and Josh Primo, all of whom are under 24 years old. 

While it is true that Tre Jones, Primo, Vassell, Johnson, and the 2022 Draft picks are largely unproven, it makes a lot more sense for the Spurs to try and build around them, land a great draft pick, and move forward instead of clinging to veterans who could bring more value to a true contender. 

While the trade value of these players differs heavily based on age, skill level, and money still owed to them, I suspect that these three players will be shipped out of town well before the season ends for some promising young talent. 

Josh Richardson

In the first preseason game against the Houston Rockets, Josh Richardson looked like the best player on the roster. He’s a talented bench player to be sure, but if he can continue to outplay the young guys around him and overperform, there’s no reason why a contender won’t offer a pick or young guy to add some extra bench firepower to help close out games. 

In only 21 games with San Antonio, Richardson shot a whopping 44% from deep and played excellent defense. Danny Green won three NBA Finals and has been a key piece on several good teams. Richardson offers the same role, and a lot of teams should be calling the Spurs up to make an offer. 

Fans shouldn’t expect an Austin Reeves, Herb Jones, or Kai Jones level player for Richardson, nor should they expect a top-10 pick, but the Spurs could flip Richardson for a younger role player or a heavily protected first-round pick, both of which would be more than welcome to the rebuilding franchise.