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3 Small victories Spurs can focus on during down season

Josh Primo
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With Dejounte Murray out of the picture for the San Antonio Spurs, it's becoming more and more apparent that the team in Silver and Black is likely headed for a down year in 2022-23. There's still talent on the roster, but no one would question it was largely Murray's star power that propelled them to the Play-In Tournament last April.

For a city and fanbase that's been accustomed to watching their team compete for championships almost every year since 1997, going into a season with virtually no title expectations at all just feels strange. It's going to take Spurs fans time to get acclimated.

No doubt it will be a season of ups and downs as the Spurs do what they can to improve and win games while inevitably being overmatched most times they take the floor. But although the expectations are low, there are still some small victories the Spurs can seek to earn throughout the season that will keep things interesting. Let's take a look.