3 Second-Round Steals the Spurs Should Consider

Johnny Juzang, Evan Battey
Johnny Juzang, Evan Battey / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Johnny Juzang / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Johnny Juzang - UCLA

I try not to deal in absolutes, but if UCLA standout Johnny Juzang is still there in the early second round, the Spurs have to take him. Juzang is a 6’6” shooting guard who caught fire last March to lead the Bruins to a Final Four, shocking the country as the Bruins were actually a play-in team last year. Juzang has been a full-time starter over the last two seasons for UCLA and averages 16 points on 35% shooting from deep. 

While he’s one of the highest-ranked players in the country, mock drafts often leave his name off of them due to concerns that he simply can’t create his own shots. This is absurd. Juzang might be a catch-and-shoot threat first and foremost, but 25% of his three-point attempts come off the dribble, and he makes those at the same rate as catch-and-shoot threes. 

Juzang can also score from just about anywhere. He is a 50% midrange shooter, so he’ll fit in with the Spurs’ offense without an issue. He also shoots 32% from behind the arc at each elbow and a whopping 62% from head-on threes. Weirdly, he makes 44% of threes from the left corner but only 24% from the right. He can get to the rim and score but doesn’t take the ball to the rack that often. 

I am by no means a college hoops expert, I much prefer watching the pros. That being said, I’ve been high on Juzang for almost a year now and watching him last March sealed the deal for me. His highlights are ridiculous, and he was the sole reason the Bruins made it that far. 

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The Spurs will have options. The entire second round will probably be theirs for the taking because the Detroit Pistons are horrible. With plenty of talent left on the board, the front office will have a difficult choice to make, but there will be plenty of good options.