3 San Antonio Spurs Who Disappointed This Season

Lonnie Walker IV, Jock Landale
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2. Tre Jones Should Try Shooting the Ball

Once again, I have to eat my own words. I placed very high expectations on Tre Jones this offseason, and I fully own up to my mistake. Tre Jones is weirdly my favorite player on the roster because it seems like all he does is run around out there. 

While I find his unwillingness to shoot charming, most fans look at his 6.0 points per game and feel squeamish. Admittedly, he is a wonderful pass-first guard who does not turn the ball over and does not allow his lack of size to prevent him from rebounding and defending as well as most backup point guards. His motor is unmatched, most of his game has taken massive strides, and he can very realistically be the primary ball-handler off the bench.

But his shooting is just so bad. Not only does he only make 19.6% of his threes, but he only took 51 all season. In the interior, he is not much better. When he gets to the basket, he can manage a crafty layup, but he is undersized and would rather kick the ball out than put points on the board himself. Sometimes the pass-first mentality is admirable, but at certain times you just want a point guard to score points.

Much like Landale, it is far too early to write off Jones as not cut from the NBA cloth. He is only 22 and in his first full season, so maybe the bar was just set too high. It’s very clear that he needs to spend his summer in the gym making shots. Otherwise, I think he’s destined to be a mid-tier backup for his whole career without much room for growth.