3 San Antonio Spurs Who Disappointed This Season

Lonnie Walker IV, Jock Landale
Lonnie Walker IV, Jock Landale / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs fell a bit short of their lofty goals from the preseason. One of our writers predicted the Spurs would hover slightly below the .500 mark by the end of the season, and they didn't quite meet that.

While there are many positives to take away from the season, fans are rightfully upset, especially when you consider the illustrious history of the franchise. The fans simply expected more.

While it’s impossible to point fingers at individual players and blame a single person for the shortcomings of the Spurs, there are certainly some players whose on-court accomplishments left fans wanting for more. Three (or two and a half) Spurs stand out as those who were the most disappointing throughout the season. 

San Antonio Spurs
Jock Landale, Willy Hernangomez / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

1. Jock Landale Needs to Play as Advertised 

Jock Landale was signed as a low-risk, high-reward free agent who had seemingly proven himself during his time playing overseas. He was brought to San Antonio to be a floor spacer and fresh face on a younger team. 

While there were initial calls to start him, it became rapidly apparent that he was going to be in competition for the backup role behind Jakob Poeltl, who had a breakout season. He only averaged 11 minutes per game this season, and he was rather turnover prone.

He was advertised as a shot-making big, but he only hits 32.6% of his threes, which is slightly below average on the roster. His defense was questioned, and while it took him a while to adjust to the NBA pace, he actually has shown himself to be an adequate defender.

In hindsight, the expectations were just too lofty. He is under contract next season and he might break out. The extra season might be enough to prove himself, but right now, his NBA career is hanging on by a thread.

Considering he didn’t even make his NBA debut until age 25, the writers calling for him to start were, well, idiots. But that’s okay. Landale will be held to very high expectations, and with an NBA training offseason coming up, he may be able to finally prove himself and show that he can be the floor-spacing big with the adequate defense who would fit so well with the Spurs’ second unit.