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3 San Antonio Spurs who are underperforming so far

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2. Drew Eubanks

Also playing limited minutes, Drew Eubanks really hasn't done a lot of impressive work when he's been seeing the floor. The fourth-year center is averaging 3.6 points and 3.7 rebounds per game, although his production with assists and blocks has gone up slightly.

I think the biggest issue the Spurs face when it's Drew's time to sub in isn't necessarily all his fault. I mean, the main problem when he's on the court is it means Jakob Poeltl is off it. As an undersized center, Eubanks struggles to stay in front of a lot of the bigger guys in the league, leading to trouble on the defensive glass and issues getting stops in the post.

Drew's ability to block shots after being beaten off the dribble is also virtually non-existent compared to Poeltl's. That's a big issue in the modern NBA where just about everyone has the ability to athletically get to the basket.

The biggest reason Eubanks will need to pick up his game is that there's another center waiting in the wings that many, including myself, believe has a better skill set for this team. Jock Landale has already shown flashes of what he can do, and I would hope Coach Gregg Popovich notices that before too long.