3 San Antonio Spurs players with the most to prove next season

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Luka Samanic - San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Spurs player 1: Luka Samanic

Spurs fans did not get to see a whole lot of Luka Šamanić this past season, as he only averaged a little over nine minutes per game and only played in 33 of the Spurs' 72 total games. With that in mind though, if you paid close attention to him when he was playing, his little usage becomes a little more understandable.

For being 6'10" and 227 pounds, Luka's mobility is very good, which could help him to become a switchable defender and good cutter on the offensive end of the floor. For someone of his size, he also has very above-average handles and projected as a good shooter coming into the league. If the can put all the pieces together, he could definitely be a key player for the Spurs in the future.

That said, at this point, he's still very raw. He's only hitting 55% of his free throws, 28% of his threes, and has marginally more turnovers per game than he does assists. Generally speaking, most of the time that he's been on the floor, he's looked very uncomfortable. There have been times when he committed some needless fouls, didn't seem to be hustling as much as he should have been, or just seemed lost on both sides of the floor.

What Luka will need to show next season is that he can come into games to execute on a specific role. Even if that means coming in and playing slightly above-average defense, grabbing some rebounds, and maybe getting some easy buckets near the rim on offense, that would show that he has some sort of foundation to build upon.

If he comes into next season and continues to look like he doesn't want to be out there, his time with the Spurs may be coming to an end sooner rather than later.