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The 3 Spurs Most Underrated By Their Fans

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3. Devontae Cacok Should Be Signed

In only six NBA games this season, it’s clear that the Spurs should add Devontae Cacok to the full-time roster as a reliable and traditional power forward. Since the Spurs have been doomed with health and safety protocols, Cacok has stepped up and been a wonderful role player for a depleted team off the bench. 

In his seven games, he is averaging 4.0 points, 3.0 rebounds, almost a block, and he’s been an efficient shooter. Against Brooklyn and New York, he got to play 15 and 23 minutes, respectively. In his recent real playtime in the Big Apple, he’s put on a show, averaging double-digit points, seven boards, two blocks, and a steal and a half.  Cacok should keep getting the minutes to match his play.

With such a limited sample size, his per 36-minute stats don’t mean much, but 13 rebounds, 17 points, and three blocks are insane enough to look at. 

Players to average 17, 13, and three? Kevin Garnett never did it, Giannis is yet to do it, even the great Timothy Theodore Duncan did not do it. Hakeem and Shaq did it. 

Will Cacok do it if he gets to start games? No, he won’t. Let’s be realistic. But he’s currently on the Spurs with a two-way contract, meaning he’s spending most of his time in Austin. In Austin, he’s been putting up 20-point double-doubles on a nightly basis.

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What more can he do in the capital? Not much, there just isn’t enough competition for him. He’s second in rebounds and fifth in points throughout the entire G League. If the season wasn’t suspended, he’d run away with MVP. It’s time to bring him to the big show. He’s no All-Star (yet) but Devontae Cacok is one of the most underrated Spurs.