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3 San Antonio Spurs Most Likely to Be Traded By the Deadline

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2. Drew Eubanks

Although the Spurs gave him his first shot in the league and he's paid them back with exciting highlight dunks and hustle, it's starting to look like Drew Eubanks' time in San Antonio is coming to an end soon.

The 6-9 center averaged just 8.7 minutes per game in December after averaging 14 per game last season. As I've been calling for since the beginning of the season, Jock Landale deserved a real shot at being the Spurs' backup center and he's finally getting that chance.

That leaves San Antonio with at least one too many centers, as they still have Zach Collins likely making his return to the court sometime in January. Eubanks can still be a backup big in the league, but it's hard to see that happening in San Antonio, and he probably justifiably wants more minutes.

As of now, I haven't seen any specific rumored interest in Eubanks from other teams, but I would be surprised if there wasn't an interested party for the simple fact that he has years of experience in Pop's system.