The 3 Spurs Most Likely to Be All-Stars One Day

San Antonio Spurs Dejounte Murray, Keldon Johnson
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3. Devin Vassell

Devin Vassell has looked the part of a lottery pick during his time with the Spurs and I think he could eventually be good enough to become an NBA All-Star. That may seem farfetched to some, but he is already a very good two-way player who's still only stratching the surface of his offensive potential.

Part of the reason I'm so bullish on Vassell's offensive potential is his aggressiveness. Despite coming off the bench, he's launching five threes per game, which bodes well when he eventually becomes a starter. After all, the Spurs are in desperate need of a sharpshooting 3-point bomber, and Vassell could fit the bill considering he's a better shooter than his 3-point percentage might indicate.

With increased minutes and the green light to shoot, Vassell could soon average eight attempts per game while also shooting a high percentage from three. Additionally, he's proven to be an effective scorer inside of the arc and is converting on an impressive 53.8% of his 5 2-point attempts per game.

Ultimately, his ability to score consistently and efficiently from both inside and outside the arc suggests that he can become a high-scoring wing. Factor in his terrific defense, and the Spurs could have another two-way star in the making.

Overall, the Spurs currently have several players on the roster that have a chance to become NBA All-Stars. Murray is the most likely candidate and could not only become an All-Star but a superstar.
As for Johnson and Vassell, it will take longer, but both have shown strong development since being drafted. More importantly, neither appear close to reaching their ceilings.

Were Murray, Johnson, and Vassell, each to become All-Stars, the Spurs could emerge as a powerhouse in the Western Conference within a few seasons. Not only that but, armed with a high lottery pick in this year's draft, they could select yet another high ceiling player.

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Ultimately, San Antonio appears to be in a great spot going forward with its wealth of up-and-coming talent.