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3 San Antonio Spurs likely on hot seat after NBA Draft

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2. Romeo Langford

Former lottery pick Romeo Langford was included in the Derrick White deal but was unable to earn playing time with the Spurs last season. Therefore, it's possible that the team uses his $5.6 million expiring salary in a trade -- otherwise, they'll have to decide whether to waive him before next season.

If they do try to trade him, his salary is big enough to help the Spurs in potential sign and trades, including for Deandre Ayton. If they can't, however, then they may keep Langford and give him the opportunity to earn a spot on the team. Langford's odds aren't exactly good, but he could raise them by playing well in the NBA Summer League.

Fourth-year players don't normally play in that event, but he missed out in 2019 and 2020, and an injury limited him to only three games last summer. That probably slowed his development and caused a lack of playing time in the NBA. That said, it would be a chance to prove himself, but it might not matter as the Spurs look to trim their roster down.