3 San Antonio Spurs Least Likely to be Traded By the Deadline

Gregg Popovich, Dejounte Murray
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3. Joshua Primo

If you just do some research about how Gregg Popovich has talked about Joshua Primo this season, it should be clear to you he's in San Antonio to stay. In fact, if the team was in the right situation, Pop has admitted he would treat Primo as he did Tony Parker in his rookie season by "throwing him into the frying pan" right away.

Unfortunately for Primo's quickly growing fan club in San Antonio, it's not that simple. Primo still has a few issues to work on before earning a full-time role with the big club, including cutting down on his turnovers and being smarter with his shot selection.

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Still, seeing Harden-esque stepack threes and tomahawk from the 19-year-old during his time with the Austin Spurs is exciting.

Beyond having swagger and playing a flashy game, Primo's maturity and collected nature on the court is rare for someone his age, and it'll certainly come in handy when playing under Coach Popovich.

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There's no scenario in which the Spurs give up on their first-round pick so early in his development process, so it's safe to secure your Josh Primo jersey before he takes the league by storm next season.