3 San Antonio Spurs Least Likely to be Traded By the Deadline

Gregg Popovich, Dejounte Murray
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2. Devin Vassell

While Murray might be the team's best current player, I see Devin Vassell as the biggest threat to that title. It might not happen this season or next, but there's clearly something special about the 6-5 sophomore.

There are several aspects to Vassell's game to love. He's already one of the most intelligent players on the team when it comes to positioning, help defense, and finding his spots within the Spurs' offense. In fact, he's already had multiple standout performances this season despite the team not fully unlocking his potential yet.

Short of being timid at times, there's not a lot to pick on when it comes to Vassell's game, and his off-court work ethic and likability only enhance his presence in San Antonio.

Devin is already a 3-and-D talent who will certainly keep getting better and show us even more when given a starting spot in the rotation and more consistent minutes.

I think the presence of Vassell should make the Spurs more open to moving guys like Derrick White and Lonnie Walker if needed to acquire more talent and assets, and that's just a bonus to what he'll be bringing to the team for years to come.