3 Spurs who might hardly see court time next season

Gorgui Dieng
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3. Romeo Langford

Many would say Romeo Langford has never really been given a fair shot in the NBA, and they'd probably be right. The former lottery pick averaged just under 15 minutes per game with the Boston Celtics in three seasons and only had 11 starts.

Where Langford really seems to shine is on the defensive end of the floor -- particularly with moving his feet and staying in front of his man. If he's going to play his way into the rotation for Coach Pop next season, his defense is going to be what gets him there.

I like Langford's game and I feel like he should get a fair shake, but I just think there might be too many people ahead of him in the guard rotation next season. Besides guys we know will get steady minutes like Josh Primo, Keldon Johnson, and Tre Jones, I would think the coaching staff will want to incorporate Blake Wesley and Malaki Branham into the mix as well.

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It's unfortunate, but I think Langford's streak of not getting playing time he might deserve could continue in 2022-23.