3 Spurs who might hardly see court time next season

Gorgui Dieng
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2. Dominick Barlow

I wouldn't happen to agree with this decision, but Dominick Barlow may end up being Coach Popovich's favorite Austin project. Boasting a 6-9 frame with a 7-3 wingspan, the 18-year-old is super raw but has the physical tools to fill an empty hole on this team.

Two factors, rawness and age, lead me to believe Gregg Popovich will be more comfortable giving Barlow heavy minutes in Austin than doing so in San Antonio. While I feel like that may be a mistake given the current situation and Barlow's upside, I would understand it, as that Austin process has worked with several Spurs in the past.

In the Summer League, Barlow had some flashes of decent interior moves and some nice rejections. On the other hand, he also fouled unnecessarily too often and sometimes backed down too easily against strong bigs. Those will be things he'll need to polish before getting serious minutes in San Antonio, but the good news is he'll have plenty of time to do that without being rushed.