3 Spurs who might hardly see court time next season

Gorgui Dieng
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The San Antonio Spurs will be heading into the 2022-23 NBA season with an average age below 24 years. It's an unfamiliar situation for the Silver and Black, who suddenly have the second-youngest roster in the NBA behind the Oklahoma City Thunder.

With that explosion of youth will come some veterans that may not get as many minutes as they want while others could end up being moved to continue the rebuild. With nothing set in stone on that front, though, I'll be operating as if the roster is locked in as is for the upcoming season.

After recently predicting how many minutes the Spurs' three newest draft picks will average, I wanted to dive further into how the team might handle their roster in the near future. After all, there are only so many minutes to go around, so some guys will spend most of their time in Austin or riding the bench.

Gregg Popovich is far from predictable, and that may be especially true this season since he'll have no proven star power to work with. Still, here are my best predictions as to who might struggle to see the floor next year.

1. Gorgui Dieng

I must admit, I felt confused about the Spurs' decision to bring Gorgui Dieng back into the mix for the upcoming season. He's a perfectly serviceable player, but he's 32 years old and only appeared in 44 games last season. His timeline just doesn't seem to go along with that of the Spurs, but the fact that the deal was for the veteran's minimum made this a little bit more sensical.

From the looks of it, Dieng is probably on the roster for insurance purposes in case Jakob Poeltl or Zach Collins sustain injuries during the season. During his first stint with the Spurs in 2021, he averaged just 11.3 minutes per game as a third-string big, and he showed some positive signs in those minutes.

Still, it's hard to see Dieng being a staple on this roster, particularly if Dominick Barlow starts to show some promise in San Antonio's training camp.