3 Players Who've Made a Case to Be Spurs For Life

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Keldon Johnson Has Screamed His Way to Becoming a Franchise Player

At the start of the season, some expected Keldon Johnson to be the Spurs’ best player. His gritty play and head-down attitude on the court paired with his exuberant and contagious off-court demeanor quickly had fans hoping for the best this season.

In a way, he delivered. Spurs fans expected him to keep putting his head down and charging on drives, diving for loose balls, and coming down with rebounds he has no business getting. He is still very good at forcing his way to the basket and making the most of hustle opportunities but in a welcome twist, he has become a shooter.

Since December, he has ranged from the very best in the league in 3-point percentage to somewhere in the top 10. As of today, he's third in the league at 43.2%. Anywhere in the top 50 would have been surprising to a fan four months ago, but it looks like Keldon Johnson is a three-level scorer now.

The Spurs of recent seasons have always needed a boost when it came from scoring from deep, and it looks like Johnson is the guy who can help the Spurs up. He’s 22, a gold medalist, and while he hasn’t quite taken the leap we expected from him this season, he has shown a marked improvement everywhere.

Great things are still expected from him, and he has several years before he reaches his peak. NBA greats have taken notice, and he could be a cornerstone for the next great Spurs dynasty.