3 Spurs who can benefit from a nationally televised game

San Antonio Spurs, Jeremy Sochan
San Antonio Spurs, Jeremy Sochan / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Jeremy Sochan can introduce himself

Jeremy Sochan has not played in front of a national audience since entering the NBA, so most fans know about him thanks to his zany hair or one-handed free throws. Maybe they know that he is yet to average double-digit points and that he is barely a starter on a bad team.

I doubt that they know that he is 48th in the league in dunks, with 36, more than double the next Spur on the list. He’s a high-flyer who can get above the rim, block a shot or two, and make an insane pass to find the open man with talent rarely seen from a forward.

But sure, focus on the box score instead. 

Jeremy Sochan could have his welcome to the NBA moment in front of 64,000 fans, or he could make 64,000 people jump to their feet and have the millions at home whipping out their phones to Google who he is. Sochan hasn’t played in an environment like this since turning pro, and something tells me that his confident, fun-loving demeanor will help him thrive under the bright lights. 

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Sochan was the perfect selection for the Spurs. Sure, other rookies post more points and get more minutes and shots, but Sochan is at the core of a team on the rise, and he could put the basketball world on notice live on ESPN tonight.