3 Spurs who can benefit from a nationally televised game

San Antonio Spurs, Jeremy Sochan
San Antonio Spurs, Jeremy Sochan / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Doug McDermott can up his value

Dougie McBuckets is the highest-paid player on the Spurs’ roster, and one of the prime trade candidates on the team. I have no doubt that he would love to play for a contender and maybe win a ring, but it’s pretty clear that will not happen in San Antonio on his current contract. In order to get a change of scenery, McDermott needs to prove his value.

Presently, the Spurs are asking for a first-round pick in return for McDermott, but they might not get what they ask for. If McDermott continues his fairly average production, then a better team might not even bat an eye at him. If he wants to play for a new team, he needs to show off to a national audience when all eyes are pointed to the Alamo City.

This would also benefit the franchise as a whole. If McDermott can catch fire during this game, maybe trend on Twitter, and have people high on him, then the Spurs can add more future-thinking assets like Cam Reddish or an extra draft pick. 

There is a case to be made for the other veterans as well. Richardson and Poeltl could increase their value with a big performance, but since McDermott’s value is the lowest out of the three, he could use a boost in value, and tonight is the time to shine.