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3 Remaining free agents Spurs should target

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3. Let LaMarcus Aldridge Retire as a Spur

This would be an emotional move that makes a surprising amount of sense. After getting waived by San Antonio to play for Brooklyn and then experiencing a health scare that resulted in a premature retirement, LaMarcus Aldridge attempted a comeback that did not result in much individual success.

If Aldridge wants to ring chase for the end of his career, I applaud that move. A ring is really the only thing he hasn’t accomplished yet, but if he wants to call it quits soon, I think Portland and San Antonio should jump at the chance to snag him. He might prefer to sign in Portland, as they started his career and he was a four-time All-Star with them, but he certainly had more team–and maybe individual–success in the Alamo City. 

If Aldridge wants to be an end-of-the-bench guy for a team like Boston, Miami, or Golden State, more power to him. But in San Antonio, for one season at least, he could play 20 minutes a night if he wanted and could mentor Jeremy Sochan, who could be LaMarcus 2.0 with better defense

Aldrige would not win a ring in San Antonio or Portland, but it would give him a chance to finish his Hall of Fame career where it got started or had the most success. Plus, if he had an emotional retirement tour, the Spurs might consider re-retiring number 12 for both Bruce Bowen and LaMarcus Aldrige.

Aldrige kept the Spurs afloat almost single-handedly in the post-Duncan years when Kawhi was hurt and before DeMar DeRozan arrived, so retiring his jersey before Kawhi’s would be an excellent, albeit petty move for the franchise.

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At the end of the day, this comes down to what Aldrige himself wants and how much longer he thinks he can play, but it would be a classy thing for the organization to do, especially when they need to show players they still know how to treat stars.