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3 Remaining free agents Spurs should target

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2. Moses Brown could be a low-risk experiment if training camp doesn’t work

At only 22 years old, Moses Brown could be a good fit for the Spurs’ timeline. After San Antonio moved Jock Landale and might move Jakob Poeltl, it makes sense that the Spurs would want to add a young center.

Brown has played three NBA seasons for four teams, so it’s safe to say that he has not yet found a home in the league. After a solid year at UCLA, Brown went undrafted in 2019 and has bounced around since. 

He recently signed a non-guaranteed training camp deal with the LA Clippers, so if the Clippers want to keep him, they can. Personally, I find that unlikely because the Clippers have three centers on guaranteed contracts and are in win-now mode.

He was given legitimate playing time for the Cavaliers and Thunder, and during these short stretches, he made the most of it. He averaged seven points and seven rebounds in about 17 minutes a night, so he is an efficient center. At 7’2”, he is an imposing threat in the paint. Admittedly, he cannot spread the floor and take the outside shot, but if Sochan can develop, then Brown could eventually be a solid center who fits the timeline. 

He is not as good of a rim protector as Poeltl, but he can hold his own when players meet him in the paint. He fits the timeline and is young, cheap, and low-risk. The Spurs could extend him a short deal and give him a real shot. Since they don’t want to win games anyway, there’s no better time for Moses Brown to show the league what he’s capable of. If the Clippers don’t give him a real chance, the Spurs should make the young man an offer.