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3 Reasons the Spurs Should Play the Young Guys Right Now

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3. What Do the Spurs Have to Lose?

The Spurs are projected to have a 33-49 record, on pace to be their sixth-worst season ever. Aside from Jakob Poeltl entering health and safety protocols, the Spurs have been healthy all year. So the only thing fans can blame their record on is the players, or who plays and who doesn’t. 

Clearly, the Spurs are screwing around and what they’re doing is not working. Vassell should start, Primo should be taking shots with the second unit, and Joe Wieskamp should be out of Austin and getting around ten minutes a game. It won’t make the team worse, because they can’t really get worse, and the young guys’ development should take off.

I know Primo could be the man in Austin and get as many reps as he wants. Or he could practice against some of the best defenders in the league between White and Murray. He’d have the advantage of an NBA coaching staff, and when he does get a lot of minutes, they’ll be against the competition he will have to get used to facing. 

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Sure, there will be some growing pains along the way, and the Spurs might not have a great season, but they aren’t having a great season anyway. Paolo Banchero is a nice consolation prize if the young gun plan doesn’t work out. Starting Derrick White isn’t working. Giving Forbes double-digit minutes is not working. It’s time to take some drastic measures to build for the future and maybe even save this season.