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3 Reasons the Spurs Should Play the Young Guys Right Now

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2. The San Antonio Spurs Can Speed Up the Rebuild

I’m used to rebuilds. I live in Detroit and have suffered through the Tigers getting back to their winning ways, have watched the Pistons fail to amass any sort of talent (Cade is the answer?), and have spent all of my life watching the Lions make Michigan sad. Most of Air Alamo’s readers are based in San Antonio and are not familiar with the rebuilding process, as Spurs fans have gotten lucky and had decades of continued success.

Rebuilding is not fun. Rebuilding actually sucks, but if done right it is always worth it -- or so I am told. Again, as a Michigander, I haven’t actually seen a successful rebuild be pulled off. A key to rebuilding is to accumulate young players. Done. Yhe Spurs have eight players 25 or younger.

The second step is to determine which players are a part of the long-term plan and prioritize their growth and happiness in the market above all else. Primo, Vassell, Murray, Johnson, and hopefully Wieskamp are all vital pieces to future success, so playing them over temporary pieces like Derrick White, Bryn Forbes, and Kieta Bates-Diop just makes sense. 

At the rate the Spurs are going, Thaddeus Young and Drew Eubanks will finish the year as franchise cornerstones, not the younger guys with much higher ceilings. This is just backward thinking. If these last two reasons don’t make much sense, well, I have just one question.