3 Reasons Spurs' repeated Lakers losses can end up being brilliant

LeBron James, Keldon Johnson
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Reason #2: The San Antonio Spurs improve their lottery odds.

Initially, the Spurs got off to a hot 5-2 start to the season but are now 6-17. While hard to watch, their tumble in the standings puts them in a prime position to land a top pick. The Spurs currently have one of the three worst records in the NBA, and if they finish in the bottom three, that guarantees them a 25% chance at the first or second pick in the 2023 NBA draft.

That may not seem like high odds, but with Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson at the top of the draft, the Spurs could have a 25% chance of selecting a future superstar. Considering how few of those players there are in the NBA and how hard it is for a small-market team to get their hands on one, Spurs fans should like those odds.

The draft aside, now that the Spurs appear unlikely to make the play-in tournament, they could be more willing to move on from their veteran players. Doing so could net them several future assets while also opening up playing time for several younger players, such as Blake Wesley, Malaki Branham, Charles Bassey Jr., Romeo Langford, and Isaiah Roby. Giving them all the playing time they need would help them develop and help the Spurs figure out what they have in those players.