3 Reasons Spurs' repeated Lakers losses can end up being brilliant

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The San Antonio Spurs are in the midst of an absolutely brutal stretch that includes just one win in their last 15 games and are currently on a 10-game losing streak, the third longest in franchise history. Worse yet, three of those losses came against the Los Angeles Lakers, who are now on a roll, going 7-2 in their last nine games, in part by feasting on the Spurs.

That's one way to look at it, at least. Another way would be that losing multiple times to the Lakers actually helps the Spurs and hurts the Lakers. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. Still don't believe me? Here are 3 reasons the Spurs' repeated Lakers losses can end up being brilliant.

Reason #3: The Lakers' three wins will hurt their lottery chances and those of the New Orleans Pelicans.

After winning just two of their first 12 games, the Lakers appeared to be a lock to end up with a high pick in the NBA draft. Of course, thanks to the Anthony Davis trade, the New Orleans Pelicans hold swap rights, meaning they can call dibs on the Lakers' pick, assuming it's better. The Lakers having a chance at Victor Wembanyama or Scoot Henderson is obviously something that Spurs fans would hate, while the young Pelicans ending up with either of them would be downright terrifying.

From a "glass half full" perspective, the Lakers winning all three of their recent games against the Spurs helped them get out of an early-season funk, and the result has been seeing their chances of landing a top-three pick plummet. In fact, Five-Thirty-Eight's projections now have them winning 35 games and having the seventh-worst record in the NBA.

The Lakers missing out on the seventh pick would be painful for their franchise, while the Pelicans ending up with the seventh pick is a lot less terrifying. The rest of the NBA will have the Spurs to thank for that outcome since the Spurs took one for the league.