3 Reasons a Spurs' Play-In Win Would Be Monumental

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3. A Play-in win would be monumental for the Spurs' young guys

Sticking it to the media would be great, and seeing the Spurs fanbase rally behind the team for one last push would be outstanding, but let's be clear, this game matters most to the guys in the locker room.

This team is incredibly light on players with playoff experience and even less of them know what it's like to win a playoff game. And while the play-in isn't technically a "playoff" game, it's damn close and you can feel how much it matters to the guys.

These guys aren't just hungry, they're STARVING. They might not pay attention to the outside noise, but that doesn't mean they're immune to it or that they don't hear it. They - just as fans - are surely well aware of how overlooked they've been all season long. Now they have an opportunity to really do something about it.

This is another opportunity for the Spurs to figure out who they are when all the chips are on the table. They're backed into a corner and when it's win or go home, how will they respond? If they can win, it could very well be the spark they need to send their confidence soaring and take them through the play-in and into the playoffs.

And if that's the case, a first-round matchup with the Suns would give them even more experience as they face the best team in their conference in a best of seven series. Win or lose, getting back to the play-in after such an up and down year has to be some sort of reassurance for the young Spurs, but it doesn't sound like they're satisfied with that.

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A win on Wednesday night would be a massive boost to this group's confidence and would signal to the rest of the league that they're on the right track to contending with the best in the West.