3 Reasons a Spurs' Play-In Win Would Be Monumental

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2. A Spurs win would unify the fanbase around a common goal

For much of the past few weeks, it feels as though San Antonio Spurs fans have been divided into roughly two groups - those who wanted the team to fight for a spot in the Play-In Tournament and those who wanted them to shoot for a higher draft pick by way of better lottery odds.

At this point, it doesn't matter what fans may have wanted the team to do. All that matters is what they did and what they still can accomplish and gain from this next experience. And as Gregg Popovich told the media on Sunday, that's the whole point.

"I think the young players gain a real understanding of a philosophically moral space where it’s the right thing to do, to continue to compete. I think the lessons to be learned are very important as their careers advance. You hope that in the long run, that value they gain from that will help them compete at an even higher level later."

Whether you may have wanted the team to tank it out or you firmly believed they should compete, every fan should have the same objective in mind on Wednesday night - beat the breaks off New Orleans.

The team has a lot to gain from this experience. It should be a unifying experience that'll help them grow even closer and more determined as a group and then come back even more dangerous next season.

Who cares about the lottery? That's a problem for the future. From Wednesday night until whenever this postseason journey ends for the Spurs, every fan should be united, shouting, the three words that bring us all together - Go Spurs Go.