3 Reasons a Spurs' Play-In Win Would Be Monumental

Keldon Johnson
Keldon Johnson / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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When the season started, a return to the NBA Play-In Tournament seemed to be a best-case scenario for the San Antonio Spurs. After a season of ups and downs, the young Spurs have realized that potential and will face the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday night.

As sweet as a win over the Pelicans would be, even making it back to the Play-In Tournament is an achievement in itself for a team hungry to prove that they could someday be a contender in the West. With an emerging Dejounte Murray, the continued growth of Keldon Johnson, Jakob Poeltl, and Devin Vassell, and the promise of Josh Primo, the Spurs certainly seem like they're just a piece or two away from making some real noise.

But don't ask the Spurs if they're looking to the future. They're firmly rooted in the present and their upcoming task. They're locked in on beating New Orleans and whoever comes after them. And just imagine how exhilarating it'll be if they pull it off.

A win on Wednesday night would be monumental for the Spurs. Not just for the players and what a play-in win would surely do for their confidence, but also for what it can do for the respect they get around the league as well as from media and fans around the NBA.

Here's who it's going to matter to most if they can pull off the upset.