3 reasons Spurs fans should be excited by Chicago's failure

Jakob Poeltl, San Antonio Spurs
Jakob Poeltl, San Antonio Spurs / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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The Bulls could be a trade partner again

After the Spurs shipped DeMar DeRozan to Chicago, the Bulls were supposed to be contenders. Their defense is holding them back. They allow the 13th most points in the league and have only one player who even appears to try on defense. 

I’m not saying that Jakob Poeltl can stop a fast break by himself, but he is one of the best defenders in the league and a sought-after trade candidate. If the Bulls don’t take Charles Barkley’s advice and blow it all up, they need to trade to capitalize on their little window. Adding a true defensive piece like Jakob Poeltl to have a starting five of Caruso, LaVine, DeRozan, Poeltl, and Vecevic isn’t a lock to win a championship, but it certainly rounds out their defense with little to no negative effect on offensive production. 

The Bulls might not be willing to part with such a distant pick, given their lack of a rudder, but if they think they have any chance of winning, they need to make a deal soon. With Poeltl demanding interest and the Spurs not even sure if they want to trade him, Chicago might have to overpay. 

With Coby White incoming, it’s hard to justify an unprotected pick also heading to San Antonio. White would provide some much-needed depth at the point guard spot, and I gave an almost identical trade an A grade last season. White has regressed considerably since last season, but I think he could be due for a resurgence with a change of scenery.