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3 Reasons Deandre Ayton should join the Spurs

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2. The Spurs have Coach Gregg Popovich

If the quote from Lil Wayne is true, Coach of the Year Monty Williams might not have the same devotion from Ayton he might've had before. I have no knowledge as to why that confrontation happened but it was obvious something was wrong in that series that led to a Game 7 collapse by the Suns. They switched to more isolation plays for Devin Booker and Chris Paul and it was very uncharacteristic of them as a team. Maybe that's what triggered Ayton to say those words to his coach, who knows?

Spurs longtime head coach Gregg Popovich has seen his fair share of star egos. Well, let's be real, almost all of the star players who have played for the Silver and Black have all been humble. Not just the stars, but even role players look up to Pop as their coach and they treat him with a lot of respect. Throughout the years, Pop has built his reputation as a coach who's a winner, straightforward and intelligent. Not to mention, he's the all-time winningest coach in history. Who doesn't want to play for a winner?

Pop has always preached team basketball to all of his players. That's one of the reasons Chicago Bulls forward DeMar DeRozan had his highest assist average when he was playing for the Spurs during the 2020-21 NBA season. If Ayton does decide to sign with the Spurs, Pop will utilize him more offensively and probably unlock his potential.